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Environmental Responsibility

Contributing to the Environment

TV Asahi strives to be a good corporate citizen through its active involvement in measures to preserve the environment.
We have been trying to promote the importance of environmental protection through many of our programs such as "Telementary", "Wonderful Spaceship Earth", and "Nature-ing Special".

TV Asahi Acquires ISO 14001 Certification

We have also undertaken an environmental improvement project at our Archive Center to minimize the impact of our daily operations on nature. A prime example of the Centerfs activities is the video recycling, which not only makes effective use of the used magnetic tapes and plastic cassettes but also cuts our disposal costs dramatically. The project is based on our firm commitment to conserve energy and natural resources which in turn will benefit both the environment and the efficiency of our operation.

In July 2002, our efforts were recognized with ISO 14001 certification and our Archive Center is listed as one of the systems qualified for the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems.